Storing hot peppers

To store hot peppers throughout the year, the best way is definitely to freeze them. Wash and dry them put them in a bag and freeze them: when you need you can take one, or even just a bit of it, and you can use it as if it were fresh.

But there are other ways to keep hot peppers, also more effective to calibrate their use or to spice up a single portion instead of a whole dish.
The most traditional method is to dehydrate and then use them, chopped up or ground. It is advisable to dry them at a temperature below 40° C, avoid the oven, it’s better to hang them for a couple of weeks in a warm, ventilated place: in the summer it can be outside but in the shade, in autumn at home behind a sunny window. When they are completely dry crush or grind them and store them in glass containers in the dark.

Also excellent is to keep them in oil. There are several ways to do it well. This is probably the fastest: wash and dry the peppers and remove the stalk, but leave the seeds. Coarsely chop the rest: in two or three pieces, depending on their size. Boil for 4 minutes a mixture of vinegar (60%) and water (40%). Drain quickly and dry them between two sheets of paper roll, then place them still warm in a sterilized jar and cover immediately with extra virgin olive oil, pressing a little to be sure you don’t leave air bubbles. Let them rest for about a month in the dark before using them. Once you open the jar you should keep it in the fridge or keep them in the dark and away from heat sources. Use the hot peppers as needed, but always leave the rest covered with oil (if necessary add more) so as to avoid the formation of mold. This way the chilies are kept the whole year around.

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