Problems with Garlic?

Garlic a fundamental part of Italian cuisine. It is in fact capable of flavoring almost all dishes with very few calories and numerous health benefits, particularly significant if it is eaten raw.

However many do not like it too much, because of its characteristics and persistent strong smell that it leaves on the breath, there are several strategies to reduce the odor of the garlic, even totally eliminating it.

  • Use fresh garlic, much more delicate than the usual dried garlic. Unfortunately fresh garlic is only available during the months of May and June, however you can freeze it and use it all year long. The freezing by the way further reduces the bad odor
  • Cut the garlic in half and eliminate the internal threads, the least digestible part and more odorous. Furthermore you can use all the other parts to flavor your dishes, and then throw rest pieces away without eating them
  • Substitute the garlic with garlic paste available in supermarkets. In addition to being less concentrated than the natural product it is also pasteurized, which obviously drastically reduces the bad odor
  • Remember the remedies of your grandmother, that don’t resolve, but certainly help. For example chewing leaves of fresh sage or parsley; chewing coffee beans, or aniseed, or fennel
  • Remember the bad odor is not determined by swallowed garlic, but by the remnants that remain on your tongue and behind it. The best way to remove the remnants, which can be achieved by eating luscious sweet or sour fruits, such as Apples or pineapple slices, but clearly the best method is by brushing the back of your tongue and gargle with water and baking soda
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