pizza makers beef slices

The pizza makers beef slices is a very simple second dish, enjoyed by everyone, but literally irresistible for those who like doing the “la scarpetta”: dipping pieces of bread in the sauce and not leaving anything in the plate.

Perfect for summer, if served warm or at room temperature, excellent in winter serving it very very hot and spicy. It can be made with veal, turkey, but the best choice is beef. To obtain a pizza beef just right, the method of cooking is crucial. There two options: the first foresees to cook the meat very briefly (8-10 minutes, half on one side and then on the other side), the second is the one we suggest, that is a longer cooking time on very very low heat.



● 600g of beef slices
● 500g of peeled tomatoes
● 2 garlic cloves
● Oregano
● Salted capers
● Extravirgin olive oil

●● Problems with garlic? Let’s learn how to handle it click here


  1. Choose a cut of meat that is not too skinny and have it cut in thin slices
  2. Chop the garlic and let it brown in a pan with 4 tablespoons of olive oil
  3. Add the tomatoes and the salted capers, and then add the meat covering it with the tomatoes
  4. Cover the pan, lower the heat at minimum and let it cook for 50 minutes, mixing two times
  5. After 30 minutes taste the sauce if necessary, add some salt, some oregano if you like. Some hot pepper and let it cook at minimum in a covered pan.
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