Nocino is a walnut liquor traditional in many European countries, from England to Russia. You find endless variations: for example, in Italy, only in the city of Modena (home of the Italian nocino) there are more than 15 different known ones. We are presenting one that  is centuries old, and guarantees excellent results, provided you use the right walnuts. You need young nuts, soft to the point that they can be pierced from side to side with a needle. According to popular tradition, the best are collected on the night of June 24.
For 2 liters of liquor.


  • 1 liter of excellent alcohol 95°
  • 900g of sugar
  • 30 walnuts with their husk
  • 5 cloves
  • a small piece (about 2 cm) of cinnamon stick
  • the zest (yellow part only) of 1/3 lemon


  1. After having collected the walnuts leave them to dry for 4-5 days, then clean them with a cloth, without washing them, then break them into 4 pieces
  2. Put them in a glass container with lemon peel, cloves, cinnamon and cover with alcohol
  3. Close and let it stand for 60 days partially exposed to sunlight area, opening the container and stirring once a week
  4. After two months filter the liquid removing the nuts and flavorings
  5. Dissolve the sugar in ½ liter of hot water: used distilled water for food or mineral water. Let it cool completely and mix with the infusion
  6. Let it stand for 15-20 days in the dark, then filter again without leaving deposits and bottle
  7. Let the liquor rest in the dark for at least two months (ideally 6-8 months) before consuming
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