Pappardelle with chickpeas are one of the many variations of pasta dishes spread throughout Italy, although with significant differences regarding ingredients, it being more or less dry, and especially the type of pasta. Our recipe is typical of Basilicata and Puglia, where it is served with a homemade pasta that is very similar to pappardelle in the photo. It’s equally excellent with fettuccine, but always hard wheat, without eggs.
For 4 people.


  • 350 g pappardelle
  • 120g dried chickpeas
  • 100g of peeled tomatoes (only the drained pulp)
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 red pepper
  • rosemary
  • parsley
  • extra virgin olive oil


  1. Let the beans soak for 8-10 hours, then boil them in salted water adding 1 garlic clove and a bit of rosemary. When you finish cooking drain, removing the garlic and rosemary but keeping the water used for cooking
  2. Slice ladle 2 garlic cloves and dry in a pan with 4 tablespoons of oil and a 10 cm sprig of rosemary
  3. Add the tomato slices and finely chopped chili(if you like it). Cook a few minutes, then add the chickpeas
  4. With a fork crush a portion of chickpeas (about a quarter) to produce a pulp, season with salt, add some spoonfuls of  cooking water from the chickpeas, cover and cook over moderate heat for 10 minutes
  5. When ready, take out the rosemary and complete with a tablespoon of chopped parsley and a little olive oil
  6. With this sauce season the pasta after it is fully drained
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